Recommendation regarding the version of manjaro

I have a PC with core i3 7th gen with 12 GB RAM , my laptop has 4 cores and i need to do vm for windows 10 for tableau , which is the best manjaro variant to install?? KDE,Xfce,Gnome,Cinammon?? (I never worked in window managers :sweat_smile: so don’t know how to work in QTile)

Whichever one you prefer.
Your specs are more than enough for any desktop environment.

VM part is bugging me , and that too for one app which is essential to me , everything else i shifted to windows i usually allocate 2 cores to VM , Is 2 cores enough for Manjaro’s KDE plasma DE atleast when running the VM ??

If you want to go any ‘lighter’ (which will only really equate to saving a few hundred MB of RAM at best) then you must use a WM.

Thanks for helping me decide I love Manjaro KDE too much , so i am moving on with my current kde setup

Honestly these days the general footprint of the Major DE’s are pretty comparable.
KDE is pretty tweakable as well … if you need to you can adjust the composition latency, kill baloo/indexing, generally tame effects, and more, along with all the normal linux configurations like swap.
There isnt really a big burden with Plasma on any relatively modern hardware … though you may wish to minimize the bells and whistles, depending on the situation.

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