Recommend me a new laptop

Hi all.
I currently have a 2015 Thinkpad x260 with Manjaro XFCE and I’m looking to upgrade.
I would like to ideally run Gnome on it and will mostly be using it for web development and some light gaming.
I tried a Lenovo Yoga Pro 7 but had problems under Linux with volume, microphone, web cam and touchpad not working correctly on a default install of the Gnome minimal ISO.
So looking to hear from others with good out of the box experience on newer hardware.
Budget would be up to £1000.

it’s against the forum rules to promote special hardware.
you can check the manjaro main page where you can find companies that sell hardware with manjaro

or the internet

Hardware recommendations are not strictly against the rules, but are discouraged. I’ll add to the below, that recommendations are not always helpful anyway (only you can properly determine your requirements).

Threads seeking advice about specific computer product recommendations are discouraged.

  • Such topics, like the technology they discuss, quickly become obsolete and are unlikely to provide any lasting benefit to the wider community.
  • You are expected to be able to do your own research and draw your own conclusions about which product best suits your individual requirements.
  • However, Manjaro partners with several hardware vendors. If you’re interested in hardware powered by Manjaro, you are welcome to check out the available options at Manjaro hardware.
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Download the latest manjaro-gnome iso, write it on a usb stick, go to your preferred computer store that has a model you’re interested in (find out before what F-key lets you enter the boot menu) and ask them if they let you boot from it.

If it boots ok and wifi can connect to store wifi or your phone hotspot you should be good.

I would buy a new laptop, where the hardware is supported.
Check the websides of the manufacturers.

That would be ideal, but how do you check hardware compatibility with Linux on manufacturers websites?

I did actually test with a live usb, but the live usb boots up in Wayland by default in Gnome.
The touch pad works correctly under wayland but when installed because it has an Nvidia card then it uses x11 and the touch pad doesn’t work correctly under x11.
I must admit I didn’t test the volume other than seeing the slider moved and made a beep sound when volume adjusted. I’m not sure how best to test a webcam or mic under live media though?

And sorry if this is against rules, I had not realized but would have thought it a common topic of discussion.

There’s a reason for that as outlined in the Forum Rules.

It is, however the official support forum is not the place for it. Please use social channels such as our unofficial Reddit or Lemmy.

Having said that, note that once a user reaches TL2 (Trust Level 2), one can post more general things in our Member Hub.