Recent stable updates and wxgtk2: what happened?

This turn of the discussion is really what I wanted. Evangilism for a different opinion, but not even a glimpse, no word towards a constructive, and knowledgeable hint that will lead to a solution of the funadmental issue.

In the meantime, I got further with the hint here:

patryk commented on 2022-07-21 13:22 (UTC). The solution for that package is simple. Please prepare wxgtk2-3.0.5 package based on AUR (en) - wxgtk-3.1.5. Works for me. Version 3.0.5 is still supported.

compiled these and also compiled truecrypt, which failes due to CPP 17++ “byte” data type usage in Crypto.h as described here: Std::byte - Crypto++ Wiki

Also a wrong encoding of the line end character (mix between windows CR+LF) and UNIX CR only in /src/truecrypt-7.1a-source/Crypto/Aes_hw_cpu.asm made things worse. I gave up when the alteration lead to a failure in the CRC check of the bz2 source therefor and I do not have the private key to redo the packaging.

To the comment on Veracrypt: You certainly can GUARANTEE the security of said product, right? Or might it rather be like this:

Use something which still works
perhaps another distribution
to access and migrate your data
to something that is supported

as this kind of problem
will only get worse with time.

It’s just a fact.

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I don’t understand what you’re getting at? You can keep on this uphill trek to hold onto TrueCrypt as long as possible if you want. Like @Nachlese said, it will only get worse with time.

But to stand on this ground of “TrueCrypt is more secure than VeraCrypt” doesn’t make any sense. VeraCrypt was forked from TrueCrypt, of which TrueCrypt’s own website (ironically unsecure in HTTP, not HTTPS) and former developers warn everyone in big bold red letters: “Using TrueCrypt is NOT secure”. The software was abandoned over eight years ago.

Don’t listen to me. Listen to them. They are shouting that it is not secure. They are telling people to move their data away from TrueCrypt.

Any argument or snide remark you make against VeraCrypt can be made towards TrueCrypt with greater validity.

TrueCrypt is abandoned. Their own website from over eight years ago tells people “do NOT use this software!” Their own website tells people to MIGRATE their data to a NEW format/container.

You don’t have to, but you’re on your own, as this issue with wxgtk2 is only the beginning of future problems if you stick to a defunct software application.


It might be hard for many to accept the fact that in the light of repression, communication is usually subtle, not forward and obivious. I might be even contradictory. It serves a purpose. Think: old may not neccesarily be bad and new not automatically good. The matter needs to prove itself. Read on: TrueCrypt Encryption Overview - |grepLinux and think:

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