Reboot, shutdown, logout dont work at all

for some odd reason, those options dont work when i click on them, can someone guide me where to look to understand why is this happening

thx in advance

if you right click the menu> properties > commands
you’ll see the commands used.
run the command in a terminal & see what error it throws.

$ xfce4-session-logout --halt --fast
$ xfce4-session-logout --reboot --fast
$ xfce4-session-logout --logout --fast

nothing happens

systemctl reboot

that works :smile: but i still dont know why the xfce4 way fails

did you mess with your login/session manager
did you disable anything.

i solved this in way that works but dont ask me why, i just reinstalled xfce4-session both the menu and the commands on terminal work


@kerry_s thx allot for answering the thread

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