Reboot issues with pine64 quartz64 model a

I am trying to understand what is the problwm with reboot. I have two quartz64 model a sbc and both cannot reboot the system

I tried with emmc, and various sd models (sandisk extreme and Kingston go canvas ) yo check if there were storage issues, but they act the same… Also to boot it needs to keep pressed the reset button while attaching dc jack. I also write in pine64 forums ( forum.pine64 thread id=18630 )

Then i see that @spikerguy and @sora said that there are kernel issues in thread /t/manjaro-arm-21-12-released/94761/9 but i cannot found any related information anywhere…

So here i am… ¿ do you think is it possible to achieve the normal boot and properly reboot the board while using manjaro?
( i ll check other os if happens the same but as i am using arch on my everyday computer i 'll prefer to stick with manjaro)

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If you can share the image you used then I can try the same image and test it on my device.

I have 8gb model only.

I used the minimal and the plasma model a images from Releases · manjaro-arm/quartz64-a-images · GitHub . I just tested with plebian and it’s the same… Another board works fine so I think it’s a hardware fault… I contacted pine64 support…

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It may not be hardware fault instead bootloader issue which.

If you use a new bootloader then it should work fine.
I remember as we used a very early bootloader which was a mix of upstream uboot with some bsp binaries.

Using Mainline uboot should resolve this issue

Thanks @spikerguy

How can I use the mainline uboot?

I thought that the use of another uboot was already tested too as I used plebian and happens the same.

Also how the same sd work in a board and not in another ?

Just writing to say that I have tested the u-boot as said in the article of wiki of pine64 Quartz64_UEFI_with_U-Boot , so taking the img from from github’s Kwiboo u-boot-build actions using manjaro os and plebian os and the result is the same. Reset happens only when keeping the reset button and attaching the dc jack.

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