Reboot fails when cifs network share is mounted

Hi, I am mounting a networks share with either systemd or /etc/fstab with the following options

// /home/user/NAS cifs username=xxxxx,password=xxxxxxx,rw,gid=1000,pid=1000,nofail,_netdev,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.device-timeout=10 0 0

The mounting works well, but I can’t reboot when the share is mounted. I can’t find anything on this issue in the Wiki Samba - ArchWiki

What’s the error message?

Open files will prevent umount and thus block a reboot.

Make sure you have no open files before reboot.

There are no open files or windows. I can also not see an error message. It just doesn’t shutdown and shows a black screen.

Ah I had to include the _netdev option, which unmounts the shares before the network is shutdown.

According to your OP the option was already included so this could not have fixed your issue.

What else did you change?

You could try implementing your mount using gvfs instead of fstab mounting.

I use autofs for mounting instead of a systemd unit or fstab, but that did only unomunt after setting _netdev. So no idea…

I don’t want to use gvfs, because I am on KDE. autofs is really nice actually.

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