Rebind just the Meta key

I want to rebind just the meta key to use another action.
When I press Meta the Menu opens. Now I want to use a different kind of menu then the standard one. (It is called “Simple Menu”) But I cant just select Meta as shortcut it somehow has to be Meta + Something or Alt/Fn/Strg + Something.

If the Simple Menu takes the place of the standard menu and qualifies as an “alternative” for that ─ see if you can choose it as such from the popup when you right-click the standard menu button with the widgets unlocked ─ then all you need to do is make the switch, and then the Meta key will automatically be bound to that.

The above said, if it doesn’t work, then you can change the keybindings in the System Settings. :arrow_down:

Input Devices → Keyboard → Advanced

  • Tick the Configure keyboard options checkbox.

  • Experiment with different settings for the left and right Meta keys separately, in combination with the Workspace → Shortcuts settings.

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Good thing is, it does not survive a reboot. After you manage to get it how you like it you can look for ways to make it permanent.

xkbcomp -xkb $DISPLAY xkbmap
this to edit
xkbcomp -w 0 xkbmap $DISPLAY
this to reupload

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