Reason for including Onlyoffice

Is there any specific reason why the recent Manjaro ISOs include Onlyoffice office suite?
(Just curious since the inclusion of Freeoffice previously caused quite a row; and onlyoffice increases the installation size about 1 GB, anyway).
Maybe include options during installation, for LibreOffice, OnlyOffice and so on? [I am aware of the existence of Manjaro Hello software chooser, but options during installation would be nicer, I think]


Which edition did you install?

If it is a community edition the maintainer obviously likes it.

I installed the official KDE edition.

I don’t think the maintainer needs to explain. It is a design decision - and not a bad one - the maintainer has added it to the profile - that’s good enough for me.

If you’d rather use something else - feel free to remove it and install something else.


Of course it is not a bad one :sweat_smile:, I was just asking if there was any particular reason for choosing onlyoffice over libreoffice; but your answer explains it neatly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Like LibreOffice, Onlyoffice is also free and open source, but it has much better compatibility with Microsoft Office in some cases (it supports viewing annotated .pptx presentations, for an example)

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i understand that for new comers it might be a better experience out of the box having an office suite included;
but for me it’s just a waste of time,bandwidth and disk read and writes.

I am using OnlyOffice because it supports viewing note of my old presentation .pptx at my main monitor.

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