Realtek8852be Wifi driver is included in the latest kernels?

Hello everyone,

After searching for 2 weeks, yesterday I bought an ultraportable to bring with me to work and “play” and learn linux in my 2 hours of break time - I work from 7 am to 7:30 pm, so I have 2 hours of break in the middle which I have nothing to do after eating - and model on Blender as I love designing and want to improve myself. My Lenovo Legion 7 laptop is kind of bulky and heavy to carry and the battery life isn’t that good since it is too powerful, so it is a desktop replacement for me.

Long story short, I bought a Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro, AMD CPU. After searching around Reddit and Google, I found out that the included wifi card in it is “problematic” in Linux. I will receive the laptop - hopefully - tomorrow, so I can not just slap a live usb to test it. It should have - according to my search - Realtek8852be Wifi and Bluetooth card in it. I was curious if the drivers of this card was already included in the latest kernels and now work out of the box? Or what I read from the threads from 2022 is still valid and I still have to find a way to install the driver or modify/recompile kernel…etc?

I know I could buy a different more supported PC for Linux, but this was the best specs, in my budget, with the options that I wanted with less compromise and good build quality.

Thank you so much.

The driver for that wifi card is in kernels 5.16 and newer. Manjaro’s latest stable installers use kernel 6.1, so it should just work.


Amazing laptop! That is what I was hoping! I kind of found that type of comment in a post but I wasn’t sure. Thank you so much!

Tomorrow once I receive the laptop, I will check the wifi card model and report back my experience for other newbies like me who may have the same doubts!


So the laptop came today, and I was wrong, the wifi driver is Mediatek MT7921. I logged in with the Manjaro Gnome live usb. No matter all the horror stories I read about this card on internet, it worked flawlessly out of the box!

Just wanted to report back for anyone else having the doubt.

Actually typing this message from that laptop, connected to my phone via wifi hotspot tethering.