Reading a topic for more than 4 minutes shouldn't be consider an unread topic

Because it can mix with replied topic which I consider a little bit more important

I would suggest splitting unread topics into 2:
-Unread A (Created the topic /Replied to the topic)
-Unread B (Read the topic for more than 4 minutes)

I don’t know how to name them, but I hope this won’t be a problem

You can adjust this setting in your account preferences. Just find this setting:

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Yes I did that on my side

But my idea was to talk about a change in Manjaro’s forum layout/design. Here is my hand made mockup


-Unread A (Created the topic /Replied to the topic)
-Unread B (Read the topic for more than 4 minutes)

EDIT: @Strit I was drafting this until Aragorn told me this feature is not possible

The forum consider unread when a post that is being tracked is not read, the tracking behavior can be caused by 3 cases:
1- For a Created topic
2- For a Replied topic
3- For topic being read for more than 4 minutes

If any of this conditions are true, they became tracked and its notified to the user as unread. So I would like to split this “Unread” label into 2 (Unread A/ Unread B)
Where Unread A: Are all unread tracking messages that meets the conditions 1 and 2 and Unread B meets the condition 3

What’s the difference in Unread A and Unread B?

Unread means all the topics that has not been read yet.

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What you are inquiring about is not anything the Manjaro developers or webmaster can do.

You are asking for a fundamental change in how the forum software works, and the forum software we use is Discourse. So you should actually direct your request at the Discourse developers. :wink:

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