Re-run install scripts

Have a relatively new installation on an Acer C720. On my last successful boot, got a notification that an updated kernel was available, so installed linux59-rt through manjaro settings (rt in anticipation of running some music software). Same app revealed that some available Intel drivers were not installed, so installed them. Next boot failed, but managed to get to a text console by choosing the 5.8 kernel in the boot menu. After uninstalling 5.9 through pamac, system now boots, but refuses to start light dm. Tried uninstalling the Intel drivers, but that had no effect. I wonder if running some of the install scripts that configure and install the appropriate drivers for the detected hardware would fix things? How would this be accomplished, regardless of whether this would help with my problem? And what would be the best way to proceed in any case?

5.9 of the kernel is having probs on numerous distros… You might wish to wait a while for 5.9 to stabilize or not.

Yes, I noticed that another thread details a similar experience after installing 5.9 to mine. As noted in my post, I have already uninstalled 5.9, however my installation is currently in a broken state nonetheless.