RE: [root tip] VirtualBox - Installation - USB - Shared Folder

I was reading through your helpful guide on how to use virtualbox shared folders. I followed the steps where you stated we should create a /media folder if it does not exist. There is an additional step after that which will ensure that the folder shows up in file managers such as thunar without opening them as root and that is the /media folder has to be given the right permission through the command “sudo chmod 755 /media”. You may want to append this additional step to your tip.
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That should not be necessary.

As stated - virtualbox usually creates the folder.

As long as you ensure your user are member of vboxsf and you have either logged of or restarted the vm, there is no need for creating the folder, and the permissions for content in the shared folder is inherited from the shared folder settings pane on the host.

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