Re-configure a router?

Our ISP has sent us a new modem/router which has an IP address of and subnets on that IP address. However, I have another 2 WiFi router/modems in our concrete/steel home to circumvent WiFi dead spots. One is set up as a WAP, the other as a Repeater Bridge. However, they use old and as Ip addresses so I cannot access them from the new main router.

I want to take those two routers, attach them to my Manjaro laptop and reconfigure them for the right subnet. I have done some reading and been using the “ip” command to try to set a static address, but am not successful connecting to them in this way.

Any help would be appreciated.

To know your current network setup
(with the old router)
would be helpful in order to give advise on what may need to be changed.

In that current setup, you surely are able to access both the configuration interfaces of both the AP and the repeater bridge.

You should also be able to access the config interface of the “old” router as well as the new
… and adjust the network settings there - to be in the 192.168.x.x range instead of the default 10.0.x.x range

either adjust your own two devices to 10.0.x.x
adjust the new router to the use the same as the old one
… either one -
the former surely should be possible, since they are yours and under your control

the latter probably is, too
this would be the easier option, since it’s only one device to adjust instead of two