Rattling Fans XPS 15 7590

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having my PC for about 1 month, and after a few weeks, the right fans started to make rattling noise. It was gone after ~2 weeks. But now it’s back (still the right fan), I’ve ran diagnostics on dell pre-boot menu (F12) and on SupportAssist

The first time I ran the test on those, both said that there was a problem, yet when I ran it a 2nd time, there weren’t any problems detected, even on the advanced diagnostics of pre-boot…

I looked at the docs about noisy fan but I don’t think fans would be dirty enough for me having to clean them after a week or two… And knowing absolutely nothing about hardware maintenance, I don’t want to mess it up :sweat_smile:

And the rattling is different depending on the tilt angle of the computer, and when I change the tilt angle fast, the sound it makes is like the fan was moving :confused:

If someone has an idea of what I can do :slight_smile:

Since it is a hardware malfunction call techsupport?

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Better to call dell. and have the service tag on hand.

In my experience, when a fan makes such noises, it’s usually dirty or a failing bearing. I have no idea what type of fan Dell uses in this laptop but I would get it replaced if it’s still under warranty.

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Yep, they replaced both fans with the heatsink and now, it’s silent and my cpu don’t overheat as it did before

Great to hear

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