Raspberry Pi4, Kodi and pvr.hts

Hello world!
Yesterday I started Manjaro with intention having it as Kodi center (dropping libreelec as I need to perform extra tasks on this hw).
So far I was able to to install tvheadend (via aur.archlinux. org/packages/tvheadend/), kodi (via pacman) and pvr.hts (via aur.archlinux. org/packages/kodi-addon-pvr-hts/).
In Kodi I’m missing pvt addon. I already tried to cp pvr.hts to ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data (but as I booted back to Libreelec, path should be different, so that’s for another night shift). But - I’m obviously missing some point. Could it be installation of kodi via pacman? This is on the ‘other-things-to-try’ list, as well as aforementioned ‘cp to other places’, not to mention build Kodi fully via //github. com/kodi-pvr/pvr.hts/tree/Leia.

Any ideas that would reduce troubleshooting would be much welcomed.
cheers, Knee

the correct location for addons are:


  • addon.xml
  • changelog.txt
  • icon.png


  • pvr.hts.so
  • etc

or together (files from folder lib&share) to
(addon folder does not exist, create one)

in this location:
are for example config files (user/pass/IP/Port/etc to hts-server)

  • e.g. settings.xml

@Lila-Kuh, up & running. Thanks a lot for saving a ton of time, much appreciated!


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