[Raspberry Pi 5] Manjaro ARM device?


Is the Raspberry pi-5 a future Manjaro ARM device ?

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The question is if they will be avaiable and for a recent price. 80$ (that should be round about 85-90 € in €uropistan) isn’t cheap but a fair value for the delivered performance. my concern is that the raspberry-company mess up again and the boards aren’t avaiable or you have to sell your wife and childs to get one.

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I pre-ordered the new RPi5 today.

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want power GPU not CPU :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

can not reach neighbor’s wifi without ant.
can not use speaker without audio jack.

some guy feel the same.

why tons of YTer have Pi5 already?

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They get them for free to test and basically advertise for RPi. You notice that they started releasing their videos the same day RPi released their pi5 announcement.

wait, some guy note this released call Pi5 not Pi5B.
maybe some good coming…

The kernel I compiled yesterday is for a Pi5B. Some of those guys were given pre-production boards.


next Bookworm will release wayfire/wlroots/wayland by defaults?
maybe we should do too, wayfire.img?

people hard to buy one, because high exchange rate between US$.

Bookworm released for Pi4/Pi5, wayfire/wlroots/wayland.

Pi5 is on the way.

I saw where some got email notices. I have not gotten one yet. I’m in the US and the only ones taking pre-orders at the time was in England.

wonder why should order Pi5, without GPU vulkan-1.3 & OpenGL-3.3 drivers for desktop user, just fast few second?

test Bookworm, 2~3 times faster than Bullseye on Pi4, why order Pi5?