Raspberry Pi 4B Boot Error

Fellow Forum Members,
My Raspberry Pi4B 4GB board boots up perfectly with the Raspberry Pi OS. However, I prefer to run the Manjaro KDE Plasma OS. I Fat32 formatted a 64GB Sandisk SD card and used Balena Etcher to install onto the SD drive an ISO file named: manjaro-kde-20.0.3-200606-linux56.iso

Long story short, I now get the error upon bootup of the SD card loaded with Manjaro KDE. Additionally, my green LED light is showing four short flashes which my research tells me 4 short flashes translates to: start.elf not found*

Why is Manjaro OS install missing the ELF file which is preventing my Raspberry Pi 4B board from booting correctly?

I hope some one out there can clarify for me why Manjaro KDE is generating this error if the Raspberry Pi OS does not using the same Pi4B board? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

It might help if you downloaded the proper ISO for the RPi.


Moving to ARM

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Thank you for the post. I realized after posting in this forum I was downloading the wrong file and not the correct OS file I needed due to how it was hiding in the EDITIONS menu. So it was my fault for not having my eyes fully wide open and being totally blind to the EDITIONS menu.

Nevertheless, after downloading the correct file the Manjaro KDE OS installed perfectly onto my Raspberry Pi 4B board. Thank you to the Manjaro KDE developer team for creating such a beautiful OS for Raspberry Pi 4B users.

Hi Binar,

When you use Etcher you don’t need to format your SD card at all.
Etcher takes care of all that so you don’t have to. :slight_smile: