Raspberry Pi 4 8G

Today I got a rpi4 8g.

While I have played a lot with raspberry pi - it seems there has been a change to the accepted format of the sd card.

I downloaded the Manjaro sway version - I really don’t think this matters - and wrote the image to sd. (used both dd and gnome disks)

Then I ensured the image was correctly written by safe ejecting and syncing before removing the card from pc.

I got 4 green flashes followed by 4 more in a doubled rate - and from raspberrypi web I found this means unsupported board?

I then installed rpi-imager from AUR - which I used to flash the official raspberrypi os - and then I could boot the board.

What is the difference - I have no idea - can anyone shed some light on this?

i will be following this thread ! rpi4+8g was on my next venture list that i was planning shortly [though it will be my first hand experience and i was thinking of pi4+xfce-manjaro

You did not say how you wrote the image. Etcher is a good program.

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I used different tools - etcher is not on my app list.

I use dd or gnome disks - both of which fails - no it does not fail - the system will not boot - displaying then mentioned message using the green led.

etcher-bin is in AUR. You did unpack first and just dd the .img file.

Not booting indicates bad flash to the sdcard.

Etcher is not - and will never be - installed on my system :grin:.

I will try another approach tomorrow.

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I looked back in the old forums where they were using dd before etcher and they were using this:

Unpack Manjaro-ARM-sway-rpi4-20.08.img.xz

#Burn to where your freshly formatted sdcard is mounted.
#Like /dev/sdd (not /dev/sdd1). It will write 2
#partitions. fat32 and ext4

sudo dd if=Manjaro-ARM-sway-rpi4-20.08.img of=/dev/????? conv=fsync status=progress
sudo sync

safely remove sdcard

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What is wrong with Etcher? I think it is a great Flash Drive Imaging program that is very reliable

Well, a reason I can think of is that Etcher is a 81.9(!) megabyte download for something that is basically only a GUI for something that you can also accomplish, faster, by typing about 10 words in your terminal and uses a tool that comes incorporated with almost every Linux distribution :slight_smile:


Just a personal preference - very much summed in

When I su’d to root - unpacked the xz and used dd - it finally worked.

# unxz Manjaro-ARM-sway-rpi4.20.0.img.xz
# dd if=Manjaro-ARM-sway-rpi4.20.0.img of=/dev/sdy bs=4k status=progress conv=noerror,sync

It is also possible to stream the content into dd

I don’t know if there Is manjaro-arm-installer. In the x86-64 packages. It’s more than a script that I would build a image for you.

sudo pacman -S manjaro-arm-installer

Run it form the terminal.

And I forgot that raspberry pi foundation have build their own Imager.

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