Raspberry Pi 3B + Can't display

I have a raspberry board, 3 b+, and I’ve installed manjaro xfce arm version. I remembered in the first installation/configuration, it can’t display alright on the monitor, same after reboot. Then I use docker on my raspberry with ssh, I had’nt use it with hdmi for months, so, recently, I tried to use on the monitor, but after the animation of refresh and the logo of manjaro, nothing else appeared. Someone had ever had some experience like that? How do I can do without reinstallation, I even don’t know if it’s possible be the solution for the problem

Sounds like some incompatibility with your monitor edid or firmware. If you have another monitor or tv try one of them else you should get it to display right with some manual configs. There will be a multitude of options to try.


No clue where the issue lies on this other than it seems it is not connecting to your display.

Thks for the answer, I will try later to test on another monitor. Maybe it’s compartibility problem, I don’t know, because now manjaro has just for the rpi4’s version.

That is not really true. The kernel 64bit config is designed for the pi3’s also. That is also what the Rpi Foundation is using for their 64bit OS. I use their same default config as a base and add some modules that people request here on top of it.


Another thought that came across my mind is in the past I have adjusted the picture within the monitor’s Settings it’s self to have it display properly.