Raspberry Pi 3 very low performance

Hey there,

I switched from Raspbian (yes… there were no updates for a long time), to Manjaro Arm with GNOME.

Now its very slow and stuttery. Is there maybe a better build/desktop to get it working more smooth?

Hi @Heimdall,

AFAIK Gnome is very resource-hungry. Perhaps one of the lighter ones will be be better for you, like Mate or Sway.

Also see: (In case you haven’t yet.)

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RPI 3 is a 512MB 1GB ram device - so yes Gnome will be slow even XFCE is slow.

Raspberry Pi OS is based on Debian and not a rolling release - so you will have to resort to trickery to move to the next major release.


I see.

I use Gnome on my other Manjaro Devices. But maybe I should try another one :smiley:

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Can’t do any harm. And as @linux-aarhus mentioned, it’s kind of lightweight in the RAM department. (So I’m guessing processor as well.)

Anyway, I’d recommend something lightweight yes. Also look at:

… as LXQt is relatively lightweight IIRC.


You can use the arm instlaler script to create a lxqt desktop for raspberry pi

absolutely - using openbox window manager - it is around 150MB


Raspberry Pi 3 / + Only has a 1 GB Ram. which is shared with the GPU.

So Running Gnome is Pushing it.

SbK looks great, but is only x86.

Looking into LXQt and how its installed later…

I really dont want to use Raspberry OS, if I dont have to :smiley:

Installed the Mate Version. Seems to be a fair bit faster now. Thanks guys :slight_smile:


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