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Hi there! it’s me again with my poor computer skills bothering you with my questions. i’m more into photography than computers but my interest is growing all the time. i had this problem once when i run Linux mint. I’m using an app called rapid photo downloader in order to import my photos directly from the camera. i had some issues after the update s week or more ago but i managed to fix it. i thought everything is in order till i have found out rapid photo downloader is no longer responding. when it happened in Mint i reinstalled it from the python script available in the site. i couldn’t do it in Manjaro. one more peculiar phenomena that my laptop that is running Manjaro as well works perfect. didn’t get any issues after any updates.
thanks on advance!

Unfortunately this is not enough information.

Try launching the program via terminal, and then post the output of the errors once they come up. This is useful because it helps pinpoint where the error occurs.

Please remember to wrap your output with ``` before and after the output.

Alternatively, you can swap to something like digikam or shotwell, which are both in our official repo as well.

I should actually try these photo organizers someday… I just organize all of my photos via folders. And use darktable to edit.

Hello. I snap quite a few photos too. I’m not that skilled with expensive cameras. I use a camera with an SD Card. I insert the card in the reader, then select all, then copy, then paste. That’s the gist of my importing photos. I do really like a program not many know about for manipulating photographs after they are on the computer. It is called xnview. This program is written by a French computer / photographer. He makes xnviewMP for LInux and it’s a great zippy image organizer and browser. It may have photo import functionality. xnview dot com will get you there. Feel free to share some pictures with me anytime or the crowd, too. Much Luck and happy linux to us all.

just for understanding, you want to handle RAW-fileformat ?

hi guys and thanks for the respond. I’ll try to launch it with the terminal. the reason i use it and prefer it over digikam it the possibility to organize the photos. it loads and organizes by dates and the that makes everything much simpler. and yes, i download RAW photos. i use xnview to view my photos. i’ll look into xnviewMP. thanks and i’ll keep you informed.

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