Rapid-photo-downloader not working with pyqt5

I am using an up-to-date Manjaro (KDE) installation. Using rapid-photo-downloader (0.9.28-1) it should download thumbnails when connected to SD-cards or other media but it doesn’t.

The developer of rapid-photo-downloader says the problem a buggy version of pyqt5. The newest version of pyqt5 is already corrected and rapid-photo-downloader works with it as expected.

The update of pyqt5 to pyqt 5.15.6-7.1 yesterday has still the wrong behavior.
You find the communication with the developer here: “SystemError: PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN macro must be defined for ‘#’ formats on Python 3.10”

I didn’t find a place to file a bug against the package. I hope it’s the right place here.
Thank you!

Then you just have to wait until the new version gets into stable branch.

There seems to be some confusion. PyQt 5.15.6 was released October 29 last year, with the fix for the problem PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN macro must be defined for '#' formats.

For some reason the Manjaro PyQt5 package does not appear to contain this fix, despite its version number being 5.15.6.

I’m the developer of Rapid Photo Downloader. As far as I can tell this problem is unique to Manjaro’s PyQT5 5.15.6 package. If a proper bug request can be filed against the package somewhere please let us know.

I would provide links to various release announcements but Discourse is blocking me from including them because I just signed up here.

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Seems the x64 is maintaining a pyqt5 package.

So the bug report should probably go to it’s issue page:

@damonlynch Thank you for your clarification! I gonna mention this at Github

@marwell I just created an issue for it.

@damonlynch You are right. The PKGBUILD for python-pyqt5 used by manjaro has a patch for some reason which removes py_ssize_t_clean=True parameter. @Yochanan might know why:

-%Module(name=PyQt5.QtCore, call_super_init=True, default_VirtualErrorHandler=PyQt5, keyword_arguments="Optional", use_limited_api=True, py_ssize_t_clean=True)
+%Module(name=PyQt5.QtCore, call_super_init=True, default_VirtualErrorHandler=PyQt5, keyword_arguments="Optional", use_limited_api=True)

Original used by Arch:


The patch was added due to issues with building some packages. See syntax error with pyqt5 5.15.6 + sip4

Arch initially added the patch, then gave up on it.

We already have an open issue regarding it

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I see this issue is closed now.

Is there something to do for getting back the thumbnail, or need to wait a bit for the modification comes to the stable branch ?


Try downgrading to 5.15.6-7