Randomly closed programs Manjaro KDE 21

Hello there I’m new using Manjaro for development with Android Studio, after download my applications, but I encountered a problem, after installing my web browser, and Android Studio, I was watching some videos and just Android Studio closed without any problem dialog or something tried to open it again but had to restart my system to open it again, after a couple of hours again happen but with the web browser and also tried to open it but had to restart my pc again, what kind of problem could be, I have on my pc 12GB RAM, could be because I don’t a swap partition?

could be
unlikely, but: could be

My answer would be the same even if it wasn’t unlikely. :wink:
which it is …

more information is needed if you want anyone go beyond pure speculation

I have never ever seen such or similar behavior.
That’s a fact.
Just as your description is.
Is it helpful?
Nahh :wink: