Random UI freezes with nvidia drivers + optimus-manager

Hello, I did do a search prior to writing this post, I’ve got some interesting results from google but they all yielded to a 404.

The issue I have is when running on the dGpu using optimus-manager as a mean of switching, I’ve got a GEforce GTX 1050 mobile alongside an i7-7700HQ, it’s a dell xps 15.

When running on intel no issues arise. But when running on the nvidia card I randomly get UI freezes, especially when switching workspace/window. I say UI freezes because sound still work and does not stutter. It’s quite annoying since it can last up to 10 seconds

I have the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-450xx-prime driver installed, running on Linux58 for the kernel.

NOTE: I had similar issues on nvidia440 and Linux57

journalctl yields no error whatsoever when it freezes.

What could it be ?


The old forum is archived here

That will solve the 404 errors. I’m definitely no expert but I’m sure I read something about gnome and cinnamon having issues with optimus manager