Random screen flickering in Ryzen 5 Vega 8 and Nvidia 1650 hybrid GPU laptop

Hi, I’m using ASUS TUF 505 DT with Ryzen 5 3550h Vega 8 APU and Nvidia 1650 mobile edition GPU. I’m running the latest Manjaro 20.1 Plasma with kernel 5.8. I’m facing two issues.

  1. I tried nearly every Linux distro in my laptop and everything has an issue of random screen flickering (screen goes black and back to normal in few seconds)

  2. My HDMI port is not working even after I install Nvidia AMD hybrid prime driver 450 through mhwd. However, it was working for me in Pop OS out of the box.

I have been trying to fix this issue for months. I thought the new 5.8 kernel will fix this issue but nothing changed. I love Linux but due to these issues, I’m not able to run it in my machine. Windows 10 is working fine. I didn’t face any of the above issues so it is definitely not a hardware problem. Please guide me on how to fix this issue. Thanks.

Take a look at this thread from the old forum
Asus tuff fx505

Thank you for your reply. I checked out the post but it is for AMD CPU and GPU, my machine has AMD CPU but Nvidia GPU. I tried this configuration from that post

Section “Device”
Identifier “AMD”
Driver “amdgpu”
Option “VariableRefresh” “true”

in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-amdgpu.conf but the screen flickering still occurs. I think it has something to do with the AMD driver because when I use Pop OS the HDMI port was working (which was controlled by Nvidia GPU) and the monitor I connected to the HDMI port was working fine, just my laptop screen had this screen flickering issue.

If you have a ryzen 5 vega8, that’s a cpu amd and igpu amd, then dgpu nvidia, so you have dual graphics, that’s why I sent you to that post. You need to install hybrid-amd-nvidia drivers and choose how you want to use one, another or both. Besides that, you need to configure the compositor of plasma, serach for it in system settings.