Random reboots [Hardware Error]

Hello, i have a problem with my linux and i get random reboots, its not all the time but shows this error:

i have the lastest kernel 5.8.1-3-MANJARO and my cpu is ryzen 1700x with 16gb ram and rx 580.

How long has the problem been going on? Was there any overclocking done with either RAM or processor?

I think since i haved installed custom kernel linux-tkg but i delete for stability reasons and now i use official manjaro kernels. I don’t overclock cpu and ram just use xmp profile in the ram, my motherboard is a gigabyte b450-ds3h with the bios F50.
The OS works fine and not freezes but the only problem is the randomly restart.

The reported hardware error would likely occur when there are stability problem concering the RAM or processor. Yet could also include problem with the kernel itself. So as far as i can tell you have 3 possible problem spots to check.

  1. Increase voltage offset to the processor a bit (0.04V) to see if stability increases. If it works your processor seems to need a bit more voltage than standard to run stable.

  2. Either increase voltage to the ram a bit (0.05V) or decrease ram speeds. Same as above.

  3. Try the lastest LTS Kernel and see if the issue persists.

You should try each of these as a standalone measure and not all at once to find out where the problem lies. If none of these work, we will have to take a closer look.

Some more background info about the error.

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Thanks for the fast answer, i will try first use the lastest LTS kernel.

Alternatively, if you did not overclock and the latest kernel does not bring any solution, you have exactly what the system says you have: a hardware error and one of your RAM chips is busted and needs to be replaced!


If you have multiple DIMMS, remove them one by one until the error goes away and then replace the faulty one by the exact same model or bring your machine in for service.

cc @Takei Sometimes the simplest solution is the only solution… :wink:

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