Random reboots because of my ryzen 5900x


Initially I suffered from random reboots on my Ryzen 5900x, it was weird because my RAM memories did not give me problems in the tests and the rest of the components worked correctly, browsing the internet I saw that it was a bug in my kernel (6.1 L.T.S or the latest , 6.4), an overclock to all postive cores of +5 on the CPU was fixed in the BIOS, it was fixed and my PC is very stable.

My problem:

My PC has a lot of overheating without doing practically anything because of a lot of overclocking a cpu (I have a good cooling), I would like to underclock all the cores but when doing that I have the same problems of random reboots.

how could I fix it without disabling cstates, perhaps by modifying the kernel config?

Thank you very much for your help and sorry if my message was confusing because of my bad English.

A kernel, no matter how good it is, cannot fix problems that are present in the hardware itself.

Clock frequencies, voltages and DRAM latency settings are handled by the UEFI or BIOS, and the kernel cannot change those settings. :man_shrugging: