Random locking of my session when using parsec

Hi guys,im new to manjaro and im really perplexed,im using my pc in a normal way browsing,using parsec (remote-desktop app) and manjaro just decides to lock my session to the lock screen,this happens randomly,i thought that when im using parsec my cursor behind the fullscreen is moving in manjaro and i click something,but no as im on idle and it locks,on power managment everything is set to never to lock,idk what to do

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I am not familiar with this remote desktop application, but I suspect the remote system is not registering any activity from it to be activating the lock screen on an idle system

Try turning on Presentation Mode in the power management panel plugin
xfce:xfce4-power-manager:panel-plugin [Xfce Docs]
That will usually prevent screen from being locked or blanked

Thanks i will try it and see if it works :smiley: