Random keys do not work on inbuilt laptop keyboard

Hello all,

I’ve been running Manjaro on a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 for roughly 9 months and so far it has been running smoothly. Recently, a large number of seemingly random keys on my inbuilt laptop keyboard have stopped working. The following letter keys do not work: h,e, w, n, x, j, u, m, s, d, y. When I run xev, the keys that still work produce the expected response and the keys that are malfunctioning do not produce any response. I am currently using an external keyboard and this is fine for now, but after a bit of digging I am unable to find any other posts/forums where someone has had a similar problem. I am not sure if this is a hardware problem or if something is wrong with my installation and I would appreciate any insights.


If it’s a laptop I’m pretty much sure that’s a hardware problem.
My laptop keyboard is same not working some keys.
Use external keyboard.

If you need ur laptop keyboard better go to repair shop :slight_smile:

It is

This is a model which can rotate 360 - right? Be careful with the keyboard when using the device in tablet mode.

Probably the keys got stuck - I saw a somewhat similar topic on lenovo support - and this is going to sound stupid - but who knows if it works or the author was just lucky - press and hold the power button until it powers off - repeat this a number of times until the keyboard resets.

Hi. Since the last Stable Update i’ve seen the same behavoir. For example, let’s say I’m writing something, wants to correct something, and press Left Arrow Key x times to change something, but pressing Right Arrow key to come back to finish the sentence, sometimes Right Key does not give an input, but if I pressed Right Key 5 times, and then press Left Key One time, the pointer will input the 5 inputs that I pressed the Right Key and not detected before, like it’s lagged or something. In order to get Right key to work first i have to press the Left Key and it doesn’t ever happens again in the whole session until I turn off the laptop.

Only happens since the last stable update and it’s kinda annoying. Also a 2-in-1 Lenovo laptop. Maybe a Kernel issue? I’m pretty sure i don’t have Hardware Issues, mainly because it only happens since the last stable update. Thanks!

(Btw I also have a problem with Touchpad, sometimes when booting it’s not detected. Also, when I turn on the system and quickly type the password and enter I note that the mouse pointer cannot be moved by any means on touchpad (you have to restart in order to “recognize” and move the touchpad before fill password in or the touchpad to work again, but searching even on other forums if issue closed or solution already i’ve found in exist that this is present in 5.12 Linux Kernel (Problem with touchpad when using Linux 5.12), but i’m on 5.10 LTS and don’t know if Gnome-related).

Manjaro Gnome on Wayland Session

Hey all, you were correct in that it was a hardware issue. Thankfully I am still under warranties so the issue has been fixed with no difficulties. Thanks for your quick replies.

Thanks for your response cantalisa. I am not sure if my keyboard started acting up since the last stable update since I used an external keyboard for awhile before using the inbuilt keyboard only to find out that it doesn’t work. I had switched to different kernels which had no effect. It was a hardware issue anyways, but I also did not have issues with the touchpad. I am also running Manjaro KDE. I will be interested to hear if you find a solution.