Random Freezing/Not responding

Hey @Couch

Yes, the brightness special keys are controlled by acpi.

acpi_osi=! might cause issues with some devices. Probably, that’s behind your issue with the brightness keys.

You can either try with another Windows-like kernel parameter or find another kernel parameter applicable to your hardware. Doing some googling found this on the arch forum

I know this is like a try and error thing. In my case, I had constant freeze-ups, mostly right at the end of the boot sequence and acpi_osi='Windows 2020' worked for me. I have an optimus laptop though.

My laptop is a 2015 model so maybe the 2015/2016 version might be more applicable to me. i did the **acpi_osi=‘Windows 2020’ since its the last windows OS that i run on this laptop.

Update: replaced the windows 2020 with 2015 and regained control of the brightness controls however experienced an immediate freeze. Updated it to 2016 version and lost controls again.

Can i test out the xcfe solution on the KDE platform?

EDIT: Withdrawn. You’re already on the latest BIOS version.

Try also booting for kernels 5.10 and 5.4 as well. I know this might be contradictory to what you were told before but I think you haven’t tried them yet with the kernel parameters in.

Unfortunately the solutions did not work but thanks alot for your effort and time on this. Due to lack of enough time to play around and fix issues with this distro, i have moved on to another distro that fortunately just works out of the box.
@Fabby thank you too for your effort, but as i have stated above, i have moved on to another distro. Maybe we shall interact more once i purchase another laptop and try Manjaro again.
Cheers all!

Hi @Couch

That’s understandable.

Manjaro sometimes needs time and effort for getting things working the way you want. Most people here, including myself, find it fulfilling once you achieve that. It’s part of the deal.

Good luck. Hopefully you’ll come back at a later time. :+1: