Random Freezes (Khadas Vim3 pro)

I am running latest official plasma manjaro on my vim3. Last night i was trying to play a movie for kids however the device froze 3 or 4 times With the video frame and audio frame continuously repeating.
Used vlc and mpv both. For clarification, I’m using official updated linux-khadas kernel and latest mesa stable on a plasma wayland session. I havent tried on x11 session yet.

Cpu usage remains between 1 and 20% and temperature of the device remained below 55degC throughout these freeze events.

How can i troubleshoot this? And what logs or info can i share for better understanding this ?

Also tagging @spikerguy for help.

This seem to have problems on arm so try x11 for now.

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Thanks for the tip, I’m playing another movie tonight in x11. So far no freezes after an hour of play time… Fingers crossed…

Thanks again

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