Random freeze on Baytrail hardware with Manjaro 21.0 Gnome

Hi guys,

I installed the Manjaro 21.0 Gnome version. It works well and I keep Gnome 3.38 version (I don’t upgrade some packages to Gnome 40). My system has the last stable updates without Gnome 40 Apps stable updates.

My problem is that the system freeze sometimes. As I’ve got a Baytrail hardware, I enabled the ‘intel_idle.max_cstate=1’ option in /etc/default/grub. Despite it, the system freezes sometimes. I don’t know why it happens. The processor is an Intel.

Have you got an idea of the problem ? Is there a workaround to avoid it ?

Thanks for your help.

Note: I’ve got 2Gb ram, Wayland is default, the memory is 50% used by default (1.0Gb on 1.9Gb). I enabled zram with the help of systemd-swap (no swap partition made). Kernel 5.10.x is used.

Hi guys,

I have found the cause of the problem. This is the ‘Dash to Panel’ extension. There is a bug with that extension when we use it with a touchscreen. I thought it was due to random system freezes, but it’s not. In fact, when I press on one shortcut icon and then another on the taskbar, the system freezes. I tried the ‘Dash to Dock’ extension instead, and I’m not having any issues with the touchscreen, it’s perfect. So I kept ‘Dash to Dock’.


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