RAM not properly usable after RAM upgrade

i installed Manjaro xfce fresh yesterday (21.3.7) with 4 gb of ram inside the thinkpad x220 while installing. After the installation i upgraded to 8 gb of ram. This is also something that free -m, and other tools are showing. But allthough free -m is also showing that out of the 8735 mb, 2568 is used, 129 free, are still shown as 4362 available. It seems that something is not working out entirely, and manjaro still “thinks” that i only have 4 gb of ram. I pushing the ram usage over 4 gb by running a lot of programms, but it just wont go past the 4 gb. Im running file transfers as of now, and would love to utalize all of the ram available on the system.

output of free -m ( in german):
              gesamt       benutzt     frei      gemns.  Puffer/Cache verfügbar
Speicher:       7835        2568         129         608        5137        4362
Swap:           8363         432        7931


What is the BIOS reporting?
How about from terminal:
sudo dmidecode -t memory

well that seems a bug of the kernel. update or downgrade to a different kernel, reboot and update back to your actual kernel afterwards.

Everything is correct. " gesamt " shows 7835 which are your 8Gb of ram.

This means 4362 MB are available to be used by programs if they requests it. See the man page for more infos on free and how to interpret things.