RADXA Rock 3A PCI-E NVME Manjaro Install (tutorial)

Recently I managed to install manjaro on the NVME of a RADXA Rock 3A card and I will share it with the community so that more people use this method.

1A - Follow The Radxa SPI install Tutorial
wiki.radxa. com/Rockpi4/install/NVME
1B - Use the Files From Rock 3A SPI NOR Tutorial
wiki.radxa. com/Rock3/install/spi

2 - Balena Image Manjaro ARM rock3a IMG XZ File to NVME drive
github. com/manjaro-arm/rock3a-images/releases

3A - Use another Linux to Change the Original DTB File inside
~ /BOOT_MNJRO/dtbs/rockchip
3B - Make a Backup From Original File
3C - Use this rk3568-rock-3a.dtb
drive.google. com/file/d/1K18-O7bVez_0kdrP9d0M9I7EIqhLNpEL/view?usp=sharing
From Kernel 5.19 (tested on Manjaro 22.08)

After Manjaro Update you will need to replace it again

The Problem: Manjaro dont enable PCI-e By default on RK3568 DTB

This will be enabled soon, once it is stable in upstream kernel.

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