Radius Auth wifi (EAP TLS)

I’m currently trying to make a config so I can Connect a Manjaro computer to a WPA2-enterprise EAP TLS network. I have followed the wpa supplicant guide for a pi but does not work on Manjaro. I should mention that I’m actually using Arch Linux, but I am using Manjaro for the status simplicity on installation. Regardless I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong but I followed this:


And nothing. Does anyone have a guide I can follow for geting “Arch” or manjaro on the network with what I have described. Also it would be better in a CLI way, not a GUI, for this is for all pacman distros.

Do you have any error messages? Or did you contact the IT department to ask which outdated and deprecated options they require?

A. I don’t really have a error message that seem reliable to info I will get it if I so have to but I don’t think I can because B. I AM the IT department. I am an intern trying to hook up linux to wifi. I am currently trying to do it on arch, but for the sake of not having to do an tedious install I’ll try manjaro first.

So what is your actual problem?

It it works on arch, it will work on Manjaro.

Well that’s a long story but to answer your question the WPA wiki page I gave does not give support for EAP TLS. That’s the thing I’m have a problem with

But which problem?

The Fact I can not connect to the enterprise network? Sorry I don’t understand what that means.

man wpa_supplicant.conf

Manjaro uses NetworkManager - ArchWiki so it’s rarely necessary to mess with wpa_supplicant directly.