R9 390x unstable experience running manjaro

on windows 10 my system is fine, but after installing manjaro everything seems great at first then after few minutes or so i start to occasionally see artifacts and other glitchy visuals, then like a minute later both screens go black. i tried adding amdgpu.dc=0 to my kernal but i still seem to have the issue either way. watching a youtube video is an easy way to speed up the instability and make the screen black in less than a minute, same with playing a game. would very much appreciate recommendations such as what the best video driver would be to manually force it to use instead

This seems like a overheating issue. Can you check the temperatures?

Its not temp, my cpu is 42c, and my gpu is 61c, basic web browsing seems okay, but the moment i start watching avideo or play a game i immediately see artifacts, and if i ignore them and keep going it will black both my screens. i assume its something with my video card or driver or something among those lines