Quirk on ALC1220-VB and ESS SABRE9118 DAC on Aorus Master X570S (note the S)

Having recently replaced the motherboard for the one in the title, I see that the sound profile used upon booting is not working. So I have no sound via speakers.

There is a workaround, which involves using pavucontrol, selecting ‘Analog Stereo Ouput (unplugged)(unavailable)’ profile, and then selecting ‘Line Out (unplugged)’ in the output devices section.
Then I do have sound, but this setting does not persist upon reboot.
And heaven forbid I enable another display via HDMI connection. In this case, as soon as a youtube video is done playing for example, the output switches to Digital Out automatically, and my screen is now the primary source of sound.

It is highly annoying, won’t you agree?

I have found that my situation is not unique on the following links:


and there seems to be a patch already upstream, but this latest Manjaro update 2022-02-14 did not have it apparently.

Should I be “screaming” through my muted speakers (i.e. posting this to bring your attention to this) or simply just be more patient?

The new kernel patch ‘ALC1220_FIXUP_GB_X570’ replacing ‘ALC1220_FIXUP_CLEVO_P950’ was signed off 29 Jan 2022
LKML: Christian Lachner: [PATCH 3/3] hda/realtek: Fix silent output on Gigabyte X570 Aorus Xtreme after reboot from Windows
The patch is included in kernel v5.17-rc3 available on stable branch

The patch has been back-ported to kernel v5.16.8 and v5.15.22 not yet released to Manjaro stable and testing branches yet
Manjaro - Branch Compare - linux516
Manjaro - Branch Compare - linux515

If your motherboard audio codec has VendorID:ProductID code [1458:a0ce] the patch will be automatically applied when kernel is updated

If the audio codec has a different [vid:pid] code the patch can be added by creating a modprobe option

sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/hda-x570-dual-codec.conf <<< options snd-hda-intel model=gb-x570
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Thanks @nikgnomic appreciate the effort. I will wait for the stable non-experimental branch then.

Looking at my system details though:

0e:00.3 Audio device [0403]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 17h (Models 00h-0fh) HD Audio Controller [1022:1457]
        Subsystem: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd Device [1458:a0d5]
        Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel
        Kernel modules: snd_hda_intel

The productID is not the same, so I’ll have to create the modprobe conf file once the patch is out.

I wonder if there is/will be a ‘model=gb-x570s’, although I doubt it.

Patch for audio codec [1458:a0d5] to use model=gb-x570 was added before changing the patch for [1458:a0ce]
LKML: Christian Lachner: [PATCH 2/3] hda/realtek: Fix silent output on Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master (newer chipset)

The patch is present in kernel on the next line below the line I linked to in previous post

[SND_PCI_QUIRK(0x1458, 0xa0d5, “Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master”, ALC1220_FIXUP_GB_X570,

so patch should work automatically and modprobe option would not be needed

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