Quicktime player alternative


Can you please recommend me a Linux application that is alternative to quicktime player in windows?

anything that shows the frame number and can scrub frame by frame. i needed that feature for studying animation.

Thank you in advance.

VLC Media Player? :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S vlc

… or… :arrow_down:

pamac install vlc
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Thank you sir but I can’t find in VLC the feature that it can scrub frame by frame.

What do you mean by scrub?

scrubbing i mean like moving frame by frame, backward and forward.

(like scrubbing a wall left to right)

its only a forward step and no backward step but thank you for suggesting.

Forgive me for sounding dumb ─ I’ve never used it for this purpose ─ but isn’t a loop supposed to play something over and over? So if you mark two successive frames for looping and you set it to repeat, then it should move from one frame to the next and back again, shouldn’t it?

Hello @nukecrayon :wink:

mpv can do that:

, → Previous frame
. → Next frame

pamac install mpv

nothing dumb with what you’ve said sir and I appreciate your time helping me.

sometimes if you choose loop, you can’t get the frame you need to stare at to study. in animation, you need to track where the movement comes from and where it goes. you need the “backward” button.


theres the solution! thanks.

next is "how do you show frame number here sir?

You can do it like that:

mpv --osd-status-msg='(${percent-pos}%)\nframe: ${estimated-frame-number} / ${estimated-frame-count}' video.mpv

or add this line:

osd-status-msg=(${percent-pos}%)\nframe: ${estimated-frame-number} / ${estimated-frame-count}

to $HOME/.config/mpv/mpv.conf (must be created) to make it permanent.

With SHIFT + o you can toggle the OSD on.

But keep in mind, depending on the codec, the frame calculation might inaccurate.

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So can SMPlayer which can use MPV as a backend.

hohoho. it works man. specially the second line of code. I’m so happy. thank you very much.

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