QUIC, DoQ, NetworkManager?

Can QUIC protocol server addresses be used in NetworkManager or other application for DNS lookups? I so, how?

My question is prompted after recently looking at the list of public DNS server addresses provided by AdGuard and saw they include DNS-over-QUIC. I know little about QUIC, so my question may express some ignorance, but QUIC seems like a good idea and a better option to use if possible.

I tried entering quic://dns.adguard-dns.com in to the NetworkManager GUI IPv4 and IPv6 Other DNS Servers sections but it was automatically removed and only the Plain DNS, etc., server addresses remained.

[The router/modem provided by my new Internet Service Provider has a fixed primary and secondary DNS sttings, so I am unable to change things there]

NetworkManager isn’t a dns resolver. So you need for example systemd-resolved or dnsmasq to support it. Or some other additional software, which I doubt there is any yet.

Ah, I need to change the wording of my question as I meant can QUIC protocol server addresses be used in NetworkManager.

No. Also keep in mind that NetworkManager doesn’t do the DNS lookups. It just puts IP address of nameservers in resolv.conf

Thanks. Is that perhaps because QUIC is a recent standard and has not been implemented yet or it is just not feasible to use QUIC nameserver addresses in NetworkManager?

I understand that the lookups are not done by NetworkManager, but thanks for the reply anyway.

Are there any other ways we can get our systems to use IP address of QUIC nameservers, or as I implied above, is it too soon?

First of all QUIC isn’t a recent “standard”. It’s just another protocol, which has been around for like 10 years. It has nothing to do with NetworkManager.

You were already told that NetworkManager just puts those IPs in resolv.conf. You can read man resolv.conf for what values can be in that file.

So you need a resolver or some software that understands how to do DoQ, and for example systemd-resolved can’t even do DoH as far as I know, and that’s been around for 5(?) years.

You mentioned AdGuard, do they provide such software? There is adguardhome in AUR, but I don’t know what it’s capable of. You’ll have to find it yourself or wait. Also, I don’t see why you’re in such a hurry. Do you think you’ll notice any difference, because you won’t.

EDIT: Well, they also provide dnsproxy, which is also in AUR (outdated at the moment).

If you do, then you should know why NM will never support DoQ or DoT or DoH or DoH3 or any nice little DoX acronym someone will come up with. NM can only put an IP address in a text file that it learned form a DHCP server or a user manually put in the connection config.

So NM is the wrong place, it has nothing to do with DNS. You need a program that understands DoQ to query a DNS server and can answer quires over plain UDP from your system.

As @zbe already pointed out, there is no much software available. I found a fork of dnsproxy from adguard which seems to have DoQ support. But the AUR package is outdated, you probably would need to update the PKGBULD yourself.

I realize that I’m late but

has many Linux clients that are Distribution specific.