Questions regarding Kernel Upgrade

Hi Everyone!

Im a new Linux User :slight_smile: and I have a question regarding Kernel Upgrade.
So far I have tried and tested almost all kinds of famous Linux Distro but its TRUE that Manjaro is one of the BEST, the MOST Stable and most accurate distribution ive ever tried.

Right now, I am loving the Plasma Manjaro

Kernel 6.1.31

I am seeing some options to upgrade my Linux to the latest version.

Is there any advise, or any recommendation - whether I should upgrade the kernel?
I am aware of the consequences, there may be some bugs, but with Manjaro - I believe it will be able to handle any kernel.

I took a backup of my existing data using KUP- on a different hard drive. [Assuming that I can restore it back to the way it is now]

Can someone please share some thoughts over the kernel upgrade to 6.3.5?

You are running the 6.1 kernel, which is an LTS (“long-term support”) kernel. This means that the 6.1 kernel generation will continue receiving updates for several more years, as you can see in the table below. :arrow_down:

Non-LTS kernels are relatively short-lived. They will continue receiving updates for a while still until the next major kernel version comes along, and possibly for yet another couple of months after that, but then ultimately they will become EOL, and then you have to update to a later kernel version or switch to an LTS kernel instead.

If you’re running an LTS kernel, then unless a later kernel version has support that you cannot get in the kernel you’re currently running, there’s no need to upgrade to a later version.

Manjaro will automatically include kernel updates for the kernel you’re running whenever there’s a major package update — subscribe to Stable Updates so that you don’t miss the announcement threads, which always have useful information regarding any potential caveats — or they are fast-tracked when there is an urgent security patch being released from upstream.

Long story short, if 6.1 LTS works for you, then stick with it. At some point later in the year, a newer LTS kernel will probably be added to the offer, and then you can decide to switch to that later if you feel so inclined, but always bear in mind that the older the LTS kernel, the more mature it’ll be in terms of bug fixes and security patches. :wink:


Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing the information Aragorn. I am going to stick to the existing Kernel. I must say- Manjaro is indeed one of the PERFECT Linux Distros.
Good luck to you and team -

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But always remember… :arrow_down:



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Hahahahahha yeah :slight_smile:

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