Questions/Problems with my first HDD Setup

this is my first Setup of Linux, and i`m having problems with my multiple HDDs. I have 5 HDD in my System, on my first SSD i have my root, the swap and the Home dir which works, my second SSD will be my Download SSD. Then i have my Video HDD which has a Mount Point in my Video Dir which i can already access because i change the User rights from root to myself. The fourth and fifth HDD will be later a Data HDD for Documents and a Work/Storage HDD for Video Editing.

The Problem i encountered is that, now that i installed Jellyfin, a Media Server, which made a User called Jellyfin who should have Read/Write Access to the Video/HD1 dir in my Home dir. So how can i set multiple User to have rights for the Folder? Or did i mount it wrong and it should be in a other place? Could someone please point me in the right Direction?

Also how can i automate the "sudo systemctl start jellyfin.service " i have to type in when i reset the pc?


no need for sudo - you will be asked for the root password
just enable the service to be started on boot
systemctl enable jellyfin.service

You can add that user (jellyfin) to the group that you are part of.


will tell you which groups you are a member of
(it’s usually “users” or the same as your username)

gpasswd -a jellyfin your_group

I think should do it.

hmm, iḿ reading the manual at the moment… so wouldn´t it be better to make a new group to limit the access then adding them together?

Start/enable the jellyfin.service systemd unit. Upon starting for the first time, Jellyfin will create configuration and data directories at /var/lib/jellyfin/ by default.

sudo systemctl enable jellyfin.service
sudo systemctl start jellyfin.service

To begin configuring Jellyfin, browse to http://localhost:8096/ and complete the initial wizard.