Questions about updating the bios and intel management service on a new motherboard

i intend on updating the bios through ASUS EZ Flash 3,
i downloaded the zip file from here:

extracting it, shows 2 files,one is an .exe ; is it fine it being an exe?

second question:
if you look at the link provided,on the latest bios,it says :

“Before BIOS update, please download Intel ME update tool from ASUS support site, and update ME firmware to Version to ensure optimized system settings.”

and in the bios before this one,it seems there is this Intel ME update.
so installing first this bios will take care of it?

and is this the way to update Intel ME, or does it come with Manjaro’s updates?

and what about updating the chipset?


Intel Me has nothing to do with Manjaro.
First step:
Boot into Windows and extract
unpack. Then start MeUpdateTool.
Alternatively, if you do not have Windows installed.
In the zip file there is a folder FW. This contains the firmware. Copy the contents of the FW folder to a bootable DOS USB stick. Start from USB and install via ver.bat. The ME.bin is the firmware, the exe files are the updaters. 32 and 64 bit.
A Windows CD/stick should also work. Simply change to the command line.
Second step (only after the first!)
Copy TUF-GAMING-Z790-PLUS-WIFI-ASUS-1010.CAP to a USB stick.
(fat formatted)
Go to BIOS navigate to Tools start ASUS EZ Flash 3 Utility.
Navigate to TUF-GAMING-Z790-PLUS-WIFI-ASUS-1010.CAP. Press Enter

Read 11.1 for more Information

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Thank you

i won’t have a windows installation

i wonder on what interface do i land after booting into the USB containing FW folder and how would execute it?
and what do you mean by DOS USB stick? the operating system?if yes,then it answers my previous question.

Use this for boot and a second USB Stick with the files


i know hirensbootcd, i used it a few times at work,
hopefully it won’t leave any traces on my Hard drive.

The hard disk should not be touched at all

that’s whats written on their site:
“After boot, PE version tries to install drivers like graphics, sound, wireless and ethernet card for your hardware”

i could probably do the same with just a WinPE usb right(CLI interface)?

This does not mean that he installs on the hard disk.
I compare this with modprobe

i just checked the latest Bios version and it seems to be bundled with IME.
is it possible? i mean are they able to update both?
i downloaded the file and it’s only a .CAP file.

See Asus BIOS manual for how to update BIOS using ASUS EZ Flash 3

my issue is not with the bios but with Intel me.
until a few versions ago it was require(by their instructions)to first install IME before the Bios;
now it seems to be bundled(?)
that was my question.

User manual TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS WIFI - 3.3 ASUS EZ Flash does not mention anything about Intel ME, same as BIOS manual

BIOS update is the only thing that mentions updating Intel ME


Version 1402  11.25 MB   2023/09/19

  1. Update Microcode for next-gen Intel Processors
  2. Update ME to version for next-gen Intel Processors
  3. Improve system stability

in previous bios versions that’s what asus wrote:

“Before BIOS update, please download Intel ME update tool from ASUS support site, and update ME firmware to Version to ensure optimized system settings.”

which is quit a chore:

now a few days ago i saw the new bios which states:

“Updating this BIOS will simultaneously update the corresponding Intel ME to version16.1.30.2264v2. Please note after you update this BIOS, the ME version remains the updated one even if you roll back to an older BIOS later.”

thus my question.

I wouldn’t care about Bios Updates anyways and even more for IMEI, with exception for security issues.

The main focus with a new Motherboard rely on Stability… the people who always recommend to flash your newest Bios and ignoring the facts that your PC was running stable for month or even years… have no clue about PC Hardware anyways… don’t flash your Bios or IMEI when its not needed.

AMD Systems is another story, with their shitty agesa problems who are forced to flash 24 times per year their Bios for playing a new game, i have no idea who want this?

Always in danger after a update, to look at a blank and dead screen…

This perma Bios flash work’s lead me to stay away from AMD, when im thinking about upgrading my PC in future.

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i’m not rushing to update the Bios since everything work well for now;
just trying to understand and be prepared in case i need it.

i don’t really care about the Intel vulnerabilities,but i do believe that a Bios update could bring stability and possibly performance improvements(or not and the opposite).

my motherboard came with a really old bios 0809 and the current one on the Asus site is 1402.

Penultimate BIOS update from Asus includes earlier version of Intel ME


Version 1220   11.24 MB   2023/08/16

2.Update the Intel ME to version

BIOS 1205 includes Intel ME

BIOS 1002 includes Intel ME

I Agree: If it works it don’t need fixing

But if a user has a hardware issue updating BIOS might be an effective solution