Questions about NVIDIA drivers

Hello everyone, I have a question for you whether it is possible to install the driver 450 Nvidia at GeForse 920m, at Nvidia site max driver is 430, and in the manjaro util 418 bumblebee.
Сan i install the 450 driver in my laptop or not?

The 450 driver is being dropped by manjaro so you’ll either have to use the 390 with bumblebee, the 455 driver or the nouveau drivers going forward. According to nvidia Website the 920mx is supported by 455 not sure if its the same card

Thanks for the reply but 920m and 920mx these are different videocard.
Will have to use linux mint there is support 450 driver for 920m(

There maybe a 450 driver in the aur, i did read something about it but I’ve only used the default kernel/drivers on manjaro

I will wait for an answer, maybe someone knows how to solve it

The 440 dkms are in the aur but the 450 has been removed for some reason

You can use the 440 dkms with a custom kernel like xanmod or zen with manjaro. Its not something I’ve done myself but it seems straight forward

Thanks, I’ll definitely try 440dkms