Question relating timeshift snapshot

I have been doing distro hopping for a while now and found timeshift very helpful in restoring the messed up system. But recently I was wondering if its possible to restore snapshot of another distro while being in other one. Like if I’m on Fedora and if i select to restore snapshot of manjaro from fedora itself, will it mess up my system. I’m asking this because reinstalling different distros while distro-hopping is a serious headache.
It’s a random off-topic question but I asked it out of curiosity. Any help will be nice :slight_smile:

I would rather use a live ISO from the distro you want to restore.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Yeah, I’ve been doing this since long with no problems so far. But I was just wondering if that’s possible and won’t mess up the package managers or any file system. Has anyone tried that before?

It’s really not difficult to try it out for yourself. Take any live medium of your choice and play back your timeshift backup and you will see that it works pretty nice.

Thnaks for your reply.
I don’t want to risk my data since I’m currently on fedora with btrfs and already wary of all fears and news of data corruption many users had to face. Did you try it since you said

Is it worth the risk?

No, it’s not.

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It answers your question and not the benefit

Reading the subsequent comments I have decided to not to try it. The question was just out of curiosity and it’s risky trying on main machine. Will definitely try it after keeping backup of my current system to have a look at how it goes.
Thanks everyone for your help though!