Question regarding pacman-mirrors and Manjaro and Arch mirrors

Hi y’all!

Is there any difference in package versions between the repository that pacman-mirrors uses (i.e repo_manjaro_org) and what is listed in archlinux_org/mirrors/status/ I had used a custom mirror list thus far to update. However, that had gone down temporarily and thus I decided to use pacman-mirrors. I noticed that after updating the mirrorlist using pacman-mirrors -f 5 and then running pacman -Syyu I’d get a bunch of warning saying local extra and community packages are newer than remote.

I went onto repo_manjaro_org and found that the mirror on the top of my mirror list was completely up-to-date (green background and all) but found that packages like xorg-server-wayland is still stuck at 1.20.8-4 even though the lastest is 1.20.9-2.

Is there anyway to fix this (i.e not use repo_manjaro_org)?

Thanks and sorry if I posted this in the wrong section of the forum.

PS: Had to replace periods in links with underscores since I’m not allowed to add links to posts.

Yes there is. They are different.
Manjaro uses it’s own mirrors, not the Arch mirrors.

That makes sense, if you have been using Arch mirrors directly. Since that would be about the same as using Unstable branch in Manjaro, and default when switching back to Manjaro mirrors will be Stable branch.

What is the reason you are using Manjaro, but using the Arch mirrors?
Wouldn’t you be able to get the same result by using Unstable branch?

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Naivety. I genuinely did not realize the existence of a separate stable repository for Manjaro users. I’ll switch to the unstable branch for pacman-mirrors. Thanks a lot!

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