Question regarding mozilla's branding for firefox being used in manjaro's gnome edition

Browsing today, I found that firefox subreddit is displaying automod messages recommending against manjaro. On enquiring further, I found that it was because the mod considered the use of custom css in gnome edition of manjaro questionable.

I personally find the changes quite attractive to integrate with gnome. However, my question is that whether manjaro can ship with non-default setup while using mozilla’s name and branding? Mozilla’s guidelines state to use custom branding when shipping the browser with changes that alter user experience from default (Mozilla Trademark Guidelines) . I believe GNU had to rename Icecat for the same reason.

So has manjaro contacted mozilla regarding the changes and sought permission for using their branding? If not, would it not be better to change the name and icon before any issue arises? Its not a major change, and it would give manjaro another unique differentiation to boast off.

Two things you probably got wrong, will clarify:

  1. Firefox package has nothing changed from Mozilla defaults. The Manjaro file is /usr/lib/firefox/distribution/distribution.ini that goes in line with the Distribution Policy from Mozilla.
  2. The custom look in Gnome is a theme: firefox-gnome-theme-maia that also does not alter in any way Firefox software. Is optional and can be enabled or disabled at user level.

We also provide our own kernels. Is that questionable too?


I don’t think it is relevant here at all because it is separate software, and linux has no trademark policy with custom kernels.

The package modifies userChrome.css as well as user.js to modify about:config entries from default status. I don’t discourage nor consider it a bad move, however this is against the mozilla trademark policy (which I linked above) as it is present by default and is not directly apparent as to how it would be modified by user. The user has to either remove the above package, or disable some about:config entries after referring to the .js file. I am not a legal expert, but it does seem like skirting the issue by offering default build but modifying it post build with a package that is installed by default.
It is trivial to modify the firefox-gnome-theme-maia package to also rebrand the browser, and I think it would be an overall good move in that it would add differentiation as well as prevent any issues from mozilla fanboys or maybe mozilla in the future.
But the distro is in the end made by manjaro team as per their preferred direction. I will mark it solved since my only intention was to confirm whether attention was given to the above matter.

This is perfectly within Mozilla’s trademark policy.
As @bogdancovaciu stated, the firefox package does ship Mozilla’s default branding. Manjaro ships its custom theme and distribution integration in a distinct package. To name another example i know of, OpenSUSE does the same.

For the note, people have long been focusing on Manjaro’s past “wrongdoings” to make biased new ones. You’ll understand we shouldn’t need to waste time debunking every fantasy coming our way. :angry:

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I am aware of that. But now that automod message is gonna be displayed each time someone posts on that sub, adding further negative press. Anyways, the css still makes a significant change to UX and I am surprised if it conforms to mozilla’s guidelines

How the browser look under Gnome is governed by the Gnome layout engine.

Very few have any say in how Gnome visions the GTK toolkit.

The part of the distribution policy you may be referring to - quote

  • You may not add to, remove, or change any part of the software, including the Mozilla trademarks themselves. For example, you may not add any extensions to Firefox, change default settings, or alter search codes.
  • You may not modify the installation process of the software or use it to install any other themes, plugins, extensions, or software.

Mozilla Trademark Guidelines

There is no changes made to the neither the package nor the installation process - and that is completely verifiable.

After the installation of Firefox another package is installed which setup the Gnome integration.

sudo pacman -S firefox-gnome-theme-maia

This does indeed alter the appearance but the firefox package is untouched and if anyone dislikes the Gnome integration they can remove the package.

sudo pacman -R firefox-gnome-theme-maia

Also, if Mozilla does consider that as a breach of their policy, they can very well notify the Manjaro team, as they did years ago with Debian.
That would be more constructive than straightly discrediting Manjaro because its ISO ships with a dedicated theme… Though AFAIK the Firefox Reddit has no affiliation whatsoever with Mozilla. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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To tell you the truth, before reading the justifications here, I was of the opinion that there was no violation of policy. Now I am not so sure. Anyways, my only concern was the negative press that manjaro was recieving. I doubt that sub will change its stance though, so I will just drop the matter. This distro has survived worse criticisms and negative press

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Indeed :slight_smile: it must be because the user’s can make their own informed decisions and that makes the userbase quite intelligent :slight_smile:


I would say that it is because current userbase is very vocal at promoting it. And no publicity is bad publicity

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