Question on 'unshareable' resources per FSH

there is a definition of locations withing the file system hierarchy as per FSH definition which are ‘unshareable’

does that mean such unsharable location

  1. can not be located on the same system but different partition then /, or
  2. can not be located on a partition that lives on a remote server


Link to your source or quote it directly, please.

Generally speaking: “unshareable” means “not to be shared”.
Without context (provide a quote please) I’d say, either

  • across mutliple oses
  • multiple users
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It means that the contents of those directories are not to be exported across a network, because then problems could arise at the local network node that would be importing the share.

To give you an example, files with regard to local authentication ─ e.g. /etc/passwd and friends ─ should not be shared across the network. /usr and /opt are shareable because they contain only software, documentation, et al.

somebody said so

ok, then it is still friendly towards separate partition on the same system

In and of itself, it has nothing to do with partitioning, although there’s a caveat in Manjaro and Arch if you want to split off /usr from the root filesystem. You’ll need to modify /etc/mkinitcpio.conf for that and manually (re)build the initramfs.