Question mark on Ethernet

Hey all!

So when I have started noticing this issue where it gives me this:

Screenshot from 2021-07-29 21-06-10

Spotify also thinks that I am having ethernet issues

This is because Manjaro tries to connect to to verify a working network. is currently down, as people have posted in this forum multiple times. Therefore, it thinks you don’t have a working Internet connection.


Thanks! I have the same problem and I was to report the issue.

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I must say it’s pretty bad right now to have a spotify not starting when the reason is manjaro website is down…

Shit happens … but … no redundancy or a fallback mechanism ? Maybe there is something to work on here.

I love Manjaro and appreciate everybody’s work !


Is there a way to set up NetworkManager to verify internet connectivity by checking multiple pages, instead of just one? Having just one address to check connectivity seems to lead to this reoccurring whenever the website goes down for maintenance.

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How about search engines like Google(obviously not all countries can connects to google)/Bing/Baidu/Yandex?

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Had the same problem; downgrading networkmanager from 1.32.6-1) to (1.32.4-1) Problem has gone…
But as Philip told - this is not the reason for questionmark…

Edit the /etc/hosts file should never be an option. If that was a planned maintenance, the TTL of “” and “” should have been set to 1h, let it run for a while and next change the IP address. The DNS servers will refresh the entry faster, rather than waiting for TTL to expire.

But hey … we will survive !

Well its up now and spotify is working so I am going to mark this as solved

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