[Question] Lock Clipboard Items

Hi Fellow Manjaro users, I’d like to keep my clipboard clean as much as possible, but there are times, that I want to keep some of its Items.

So, As the Title says, is it possible to do it, so whenever I clear my clipboard, locked Items will stay?

Hi. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but check out Klipper. It’s part of the KDE suite.

Sure, I’ll check it out, though, I was thinking if it is possible directly from Default Clipboard.

Klipper is the default Clipboard in KDE Plasma, and the only available options are described here:

@Zaiakursed - probably best for a feature request to the KDE Plasma developers.

Apparently, I had no Idea that I am using Klipper


Yep, seems like that feature is not there.
How do I contact KDE Plasma Developers?

See if this page helps Get Involved - KDE Community Wiki