[Question] Help getting a Khadas ts050 running on a Vim3?


I am using Manjaro Arm 22.12 / KDE Plasma on a Khadas Vim3 board with mainline kernel. Everything so far works beautifully with it. I am trying to build a portable media player with it but have ran into an issue.

Currently I am trying to get my ts050 touchscreen working with it. I previously had it working on ubuntu but it was not conducive to using it on a small screen. I have researched and found that the 6.0.11 kernel (my current manjaro kernel) has the modules for the display and have already enabled them successfully with modprobe and a .conf file.

modprobe khadas-mcu
modprobe khadas-mcu-fan
modprobe panel-khadas-ts050

$ lsmod
Module size used by
panel_khadas_ts050 16384 0
drm 569344 52 … panel_khadas_ts050 …

I’m not sure what to do next in order for the display to be seen and initialized, create a dt overlay?

PS: My fan now kicks on while doing something processor intensive.

I’m pretty sure you would need to make DTS changes for the screen to work.

Maybe @spikerguy knows if this is already being worked on or know what that could be?

@Strit ,

Thanks, I’ve been digging into that. I’ll keep poking around. I’ve already converted the dtb to dts for it so I’ll find the specific lines. I know khadas has a working one, so I’ll reference that.

Would this require me to recompile the kennel or just a reboot?


You would need to recompile the modified DTS into a DTB that the device can read. So not the whole kernel, just the dts. And then ofcourse reboot for it to take affect.

Fan works only at 80° C

TS050 is upstreamed but its not fully tested by many.

You can ask in Khadas forum for the specific node which needs to be enabled in the DTS to get working mipi output

I have been able to compile the dtb via cross compiling on my manjaro vm using N Armstrong’s github for it from the 5.20 kernel.

It was able to get it loaded on my vim3 but then failed to load the dtb.overlay.env file.

How do I go about generating that along with updating my uEnv config?

Maybe by using fdt overlay in uEnv file?
What exactly did you do to get touch panel to work?

Apologies, I haven’t got it to work yet. Between kids and getting sick a few times, I haven’t had much time to work on it.

That’s a picture of my full sized monitor with the errors in startup.
I downloaded the 6.1 kernel and I modified all the dts and dtsi files by hand to match Narmstrong’s repo linked above. Even though they are different kernel versions (5.20 vs 6.1) I figured I’d give a shot.

I was just able to compile the dtb without errors using:

make ARCH=arm64 CROSS-COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc- /amlogic/meson-g12b-a311d-khadas-vim3.dtb

My changes file changes are uploaded to my github.

I think I’m going to download khadas’ modified 4.7 kernel and use it and see how it goes.

Your git source seems incomplete.

Missing dtsi.

Anyways i will look into adding touch support if its just a change in dts

Oops I missed a file. I added it.